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Our diploma had an interesting beginning. Before we started designing, everybody worked out his field of operation on it's own. It was an important aspect of our works because it was the basic of our different tasks and one part of the result. The covering title for all of us was >from rhizomes to trees - houses for humans in misery<. And at least misery was the bond that kept us together ...    
  It needs to know the whole background of my work to understand the solution. So every important fragment of my diploma has it's part which you can see on the right side.

With the link >diploma 2000< below you can get further information about the project and it's intentions. You are able to find other diplomas of our diploma-team there as well as some introducing words of our attending professor Catalin Barbu. With his motivation and solidarity it became a close and an inspiring relationship during the four months of work until we ended up in July.

And one special thing at the end: with the button below you will soon get a fictious look into the computer animated >film shanghai< of my project. But I haven't compressed this file yet!

          link to film >shanghai<   link to >diploma 2000<   pic "onview"